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Elite sports people, by definition, are world class at what they do – but they still train every day! This is what they hope will give them the “Winning Edges” over their competition.  As Gary Player said – “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Learning how to sell is an ongoing process.

  • Aligning training with your business strategy, goals, and needs.
  • Great course design and delivery making for great learning.
  • Building on existing best practice in house and across the industry
  • Unique Speed Training™ concept
  • Unique Winning Edges® training programme



Coaching has become a critical element of team development and yet it is rarely understood and often implemented poorly. We can directly coach your managers and teams or train your managers how to coach their own teams.

  • A skilled coach with many years’ experience developing large, multi-skilled, diverse sales teams.
  • Collaborative and inclusive style
  • Tried and tested template coaching aids created
  • Clear deliverables and action plans following verbal feedback



Almost every successful sales person can point to one person, or a few people, who were instrumental to their success. They can name the mentors who encouraged them, showed them the error of their ways and helped them over the humps.

  • If your Sales people need an experienced professional to help – someone who has successfully managed Sales teams at the highest level
  • Someone who understands the pressures of Sales Management
  • Someone familiar with Indirect and Direct selling
  • Someone who is equally confident and competent at New Business Development (hunting) and Account Management (farming)